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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 12 Days of Building Product Terms: DAY 9 - Stainless Steel Passivation

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Stainless Steel Passivation.


Passivation is chemical process/treatment by which impurities are removed from the surface of stainless steel.  Passivation is used on many stainless steel architectural products.

Passivation improves the surface condition of stainless steel by dissolving iron that has been embedded in the surface during machining and/or forming.  If passivation treatments do not occur, the embedded iron may corrode and give the appearance of rust spots on the stainless steel.

How Passivation Works:
First, stainless steel components are treated by being immersed in a nitric or citric acid solution to dissolve the embedded iron.  Then, a thin, transparent, oxide layer (or film) forms, resulting in the restoration of the original corrosion-resistant surface.

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