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Friday, April 26, 2013

3 Ways Minor Changes to Standard Architectural Railing Designs Can Impact Your Total Cost

In many cases, a manufacturer's standard railing design has the ability to look almost identical to the system a particular project requires.  However, despite the similarity in appearance, making even minor tweaks to the standard system's components or structural members, can increase or decrease the price significantly.

Here are some points to keep in mind when opting for modified versions of a manufacturer's standard railing system design:

1.   RADIUSING/SEGMENTING - Radiusing and segmenting (fusing "straight" railing sections to simulate a curve) may increase the shop labor and finishing prices.  The same is true for tight bends, as they require special tooling.

2.   MATERIAL WEIGHT - If a building owner or architect requires a standard system, but with a heavier look/feel, the profile might look the same, but the amount of material will increase (i.e. hollow pickets vs. solid pickets). This increase in material will likely cause an increase in price.

3.  INFILL SELECTION - The most obvious way changes can affect your total cost is to switch to a different infill style.  For instance, if at first you choose a system with custom, waterjet-cut infill panels, then decide to opt for a more simple, streamlined picket railing, your cost will noticeably decrease.

For more information on architectural railing systems, CLICK HERE

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day! (LINKS)

World Wide feat. Africa 3
Happy Earth Day, readers!  Here's what's going on in the world of architecture in celebration of the most environmentally-friendly holiday of the year:

Earth Day Founder's "Living" Building Signals New Era of Sleek Sustainability

Earth Day Pictures:  Extreme Green Buildings

How Earth Day Got its Start

7 Jobs That Make the World a Better Place

10 Ideas That Can Change Our World (via Aecom)

Are you, your business or organization planning to make the world a greener place today?  
Tell us more about your sustainable efforts in the comments below.

To learn more about LEED-compliant living wall systems, CLICK HERE.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Top 5 Most Interesting (Recent) Posts from Architizer.com

Infused with expert commentary on some of the latest projects-in-design worldwide, the blog at Architizer.com never fails to deliver eye-catching photos, industry news and fresh ideas to architecture enthusiasts.

Below are the top 5 most interesting posts on architectural projects and happenings courtesy of one of our favorite blogs about architecture.

Photographer Turns Cities Upside Down

Architizer at Architizer Blog
Remember in your sugar-fueled youth how you enjoyed bending over on bent arms and legs to look at the world upside-down? Australian photographer Ben Thomas captures some of that same delirious, mind-curdling fun with his dizzying photo-composites, which render some of the world’s most recognizable cities, well, unrecognizable. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

VIDEOS: Window Safety, Window Guards & Fall Prevention

The right knowledge is key to preventing serious or fatal injury due to falls from windows.  View the sampling of videos below and take the time to learn more about fall prevention during this year's National Window Safety Week.

**Remember, standard cloth window screens keep bugs out, but won't keep kids in**

For both insect protection and fall protection, operable window security screens like the ones pictured here - with emergency egress - are always a smart, safe choice.

Having trouble viewing the videos?  CLICK HERE

Musician Eric Clapton speaks about window falls in this PSA.
Clapton's 4 1/2-year-old son was killed in a 49 story fall from a Manhattan, NY 
apartment building in 1991.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy National Window Safety Week & National Architecture Week!

This week, Architectural Products Blog will be focusing on two important building and safety "holidays":  National Window Safety Week and National Architecture Week.  From now through Friday, we'll be alternating posts centered around these two observances.

To get things kicked off, check out some of our best posts about architecture and window safety to date.


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INFOGRAPHIC: Where the Largest Architecture Firms in the World are Located (& How Much $ They Make):

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Innovative Architectural Firms

Made in the USA: 4 Benefits of American-Made Architectural Products

5 Important Reasons Architects, Building Owners and/or GCs Should Never Wait to Finalize a Railing System


Pediatric Injuries Due to Window Falls: Facts & Info

Windows + Security Screens = Safety For College and University Students

Windows & Balconies: 4 Building Tips for Child Safety & Fall Prevention

Higher-Ed Window Safety Series (PART 1): Benefits of Security Screens

Higher-Ed Window Safety Series (PART 2): Benefits of Security Screens

Higher-Ed Window Safety Series (PART 3): Benefits of Security Screens

Friday, April 5, 2013

INFOGRAPHIC: The Longest & Tallest Bridges in the World

This infographic from Allianz Australia lists the top 5 longest bridges in 4 different categories and the top 3 tallest bridges in the world.  Click here to view larger. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

5 Ways to Prevent Balcony Railing Vibrations, Rattling & Whistling in Windy Regions

In a recent article published by The Construction Specifier, author Mahmod Samman discusses the importance of ensuring that balcony railings meet wind loading requirements for the comfort (and safety) of guests and/or residents.  Samman also analyzes the wind-induced, noisy rattling of certain types of balcony railing systems most commonly found in coastal regions.

Below are a few tips (from a railing manufacturer's perspective) to prevent such vibrations:

1.  Make sure the railing manufacturer always performs project-specific engineering calculations.

2.  Since vibration can occur on systems with longer structural members, make sure your post spacing is 48" on center or closer.

3.  Consider strongly-welded systems in lieu of mechanically fastened railing to reduce or eliminate rattling.

4.  Rethink systems with pass-through pickets.  Even if the railing system's pickets are welded to the top and bottom rail, rattling or vibrations may still occur if the pickets are not welded to the "pass through" component.

5. Minimize whistling on mechanically fastened systems by placing snap-on covers on the bottom of vertical components (i.e. posts & pickets).  Be sure a weep hole is present when these covers are used, in order to allow excess moisture to escape.

To learn more about balcony railings for high-rise hotels, condos and more, CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Innovative Architectural Firms

FastCompany.com recently published a list of the World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Architecture.  Here's just a small sampling of the companies that were featured in the article:

Perkins + Will - This well-known firm received accolades for providing healthier structures by specifying building materials free of chemical toxins.

Populous - The sports & entertainment architectural giants were lauded by Fast Company for making sensible use of space when designing large venues such as the modular stadium for the 2012 Olympics in London.  The 80-thousand capacity arena can be reduced to just 25-thousand if necessary.
The 2012 Olympic Stadium  in London, designed by Populous
Lake | Flato - Lake | Flato was recognized for going green with their high end, pre-fab housing, also known as the "Porch House" project.

To read Fast Company's top 10 article in its entirety, CLICK HERE

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