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Monday, November 12, 2012

Jails vs. Prisons: (PART 1 of 2) Facility Differences & Suggested Detention Products

Kane Detention's Vantage Wall Woven Rod Barrier
When specifying detention products for a criminal justice application, it's important to understand where these products should be placed within each facility.

Below is a short list of prison and jail areas and their differences, along with suggested products that would be most appropriate for each.


  • Jails - Smaller / subdivided by multiple custody classification
    • Products:  Holding cells, detention benches, security screens
  • Prisons - Larger / single-custody levels with a separate management unit
    • Products:  Woven rod barriers, woven rod doors
  • Jails - Decentralized to living unit(s)
    • Products:  Security screens, woven rod barriers, woven rod partition
  • Prisons - Centralized in dining hall(s)
    • Products:  Security screens, woven rod partition, woven rod barriers
A prison dining area featuring Kane Detention's Vantage Partition
  • Jails - Adjacent to living unit; generally no large outdoor areas; often a gym
    • Products:  Woven rod barriers, woven rod barriers with wire cloth backing, steel security ceiling
  • Prisons - Centralized in gymnasium and outdoor recreation field
    • Products:  Woven rod barriers, woven rod barrier swith wire cloth backing, woven rod doors
  • Jails - Limited, due to short time inmates are held in facility
    • Products:  Woven rod partitions, woven rod barriers 
  • Prisons - Education, vocational and industry activities provided to encourage maximum inmate participation
    • Products:  Woven rod barriers, security screens
  • Jails - Adjacent to living units; centralized medical treatment and infirmary
    • Products:  Woven rod barriers, security screens, woven rod doors
  • Prisons - Treatment/infirmary centralized; triage adjacent to living units
    • Products:  Woven rod barriers, security screens, woven rod doors

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