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Friday, November 9, 2012

Detention Window Screens & Psychiatric Patients

Detention screens are used in psychiatric hospitals
for patient safety and detention

Prior to the 1940's, steel bars placed over hospital windows were the standard means of confining psychiatric patients.  However, since that time, detention screens have been used almost exclusively.  These special screens offer a homelike atmosphere, allowing for the infiltration of fresh air and light.

Detention screens are designed to meet different security levels depending on the strength of the frames and their type of hardware.  By choosing the proper security level, health care institutions can satisfy their specific needs at the least possible cost.

Violent vs. Non-Violent Patients

Violent patients require a different level of detention than non-violent patients.

Non-violent patients are generally not destructive.  In this case, the detention screen simply ensures that the patient cannot have access to the window.

On the other hand, violent patients can do significant damage to both themselves and the building. Maximum security screens are designed and tested for the following conditions:
  • Continual hitting or banging on the wire cloth for hours, or even days at a time
  • Body blows to the wire cloth
  • Full speed dives into the wire cloth
Kane Screens' Defender on the interior of a hospital room window

Below are some differences between medium and maximum screens:

1.  Medium Security
  • Typically mounted on the interior of the building
  • Best suited for 
    • Non-violent psychiatric rooms
    • Non-violent adult common rooms
    • Hospital pharmacies 
    • Smoking lounges

2.  Maximum Security 
  • Typically mounted on the interior of the building
  • Best suited for 
    • Violent adult psychiatric rooms
    • Violent drug and alcohol detox centers
    • Isolation rooms
    • Juvenile psychiatric
    • Forensic hospital wards

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