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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jails vs. Prisons: (PART 2 of 2) Facility Differences & Suggested Products

Kane Detention's Vantage Wall & Vantage Wall Door

In part two of Jails vs. Prisons, we'll continue our list of specific criminal justice facility areas and the products that are best suited for each. 

To view this series from the beginning, please refer to Jails vs. Prisons: (PART 1 of 2) Facility Differences & Suggested Products

  • Jails - Large number of inmates; intensive activity centralized; adjacent to classification housing unit
    • Products:  Detention bench, security interview screen, woven rod barriers
  • Prisons - Scheduled admittance; less inmate movement/turnover
    • Products:  Detention bench, interview security screens, woven rod barriers 
  • Jails - Non-contact type visitation; located adjacent to living units to limit inmate movement
    • Products:  Security interview screens, woven rod barriers with wire cloth backing
  • Prisons - Centralized to encourage inmate movement and control activity
    • Products: Woven rod barriers, security screens, security ceilings, detention furniture

Detention furniture is perfect for holding cells and intake processing

  • Jails -Drive-through for volume of inmate delivery
    • Products: Woven rod barriers
  • Prisons - Courtyard setting that is separated from - but can share - service yard
    • Products:  Woven rod barriers
  • Jails - Building envelope usually serves as a primary security perimeter
    • Products: Security screens on windows
  • Prisons - Perimeter is fenced with detention systems and patrolled; often includes guard towers
    • Products:  Chain link and barbed wire; dual fences

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