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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Best of Jody Brown: 5 Favorites from Coffee With an Architect

Although we've featured Jody previously (5 Architects & Spec Writers You Should Be Following Right Now), we just couldn't resist compiling a "Best-Of" edition highlighting some of his most entertaining posts.

Check out these 5 links from the incomparable Jody Brown, architect & owner of Jody Brown Architecture, LLC, author of Coffee With an Architect and regular contributor to Houzz.

Screen shot of Jody Brown's Blog, Coffee With an Architect

1.  The #architectvalentines Summary - 2013
If you're active on Twitter, you probably noticed Jody's hashtag "#architectvalentines" in your feed circa February 14.  Check out this complete collection of witty architect valentines penned by both followers and Jody himself.

A few of our favorites:
  • "Your submittal of affection has been approved as noticed."
  • "We should build a Revit family together."
  • "You should get a LEED point for being so close to me."
  • "To me, you're one in a mullion."

2.  A Quiz for Architects in Question
Whether you're thinking of becoming an architect or already are one, this humorous quiz will certainly get you thinking about your life choices.

3.   How to Tell if You're an Architect
Do you fit the mold? Find out with this flow chart.

4.  Mike Brady Lied to Me
Jody discusses how the famous TV dad from "The Brady Bunch" grossly misrepresented the profession as a whole.
[Belief] "A nice lady named Alice will cook for me."
[Fact]   She does not.  In fact, I think Alice made more money than I do, and she worked fewer hours, even though she was a live-in maid.

5.  A Few Things I Would Ask Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the greatest architects who ever lived.  But that doesn't mean Jody Brown doesn't have some questions.

Questions like:
What's with all the indirect entries?
I don't need a brisk stroll.  I'm just trying to get from my car to the front door.

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