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Thursday, January 3, 2013

5 Architects & Spec Writers You Should Be Following Right Now

Whether you're in search of an architect who knows the answers, or simply interested in learning more about the architectural world in general, we know five folks who can deliver.

From informative websites, to insightful tweets and posts, there's a reason we chose to feature these architects and spec writers in particular.

Find out more about our favorite web-and-social-media-savvy design professionals after the jump.

Architect Jody Brown
1.  JODY BROWN - We first discovered Jody nearly a year and a half ago via our Twitter account, @EcoScreenbyKane, and have been hooked on his 140-character musings ever since.  Although by day, he's a serious, seasoned architect with an intense passion for his craft, he finds time to connect with fellow architects via his website www.coffeewithanarchitect.com.  Look him up on Twitter today at @JodyBrownArch.

2.  LIZ O'SULLIVAN - We came across Liz O'Sullivan's blog, Comments of a Spec Writer, via a post entitled "How Do Spec Writers Decide?" In her post, O'Sullivan gave us the inside scoop on why architects choose one building product brand over another.  Based in Colorado, Liz O'Sullivan is a licensed architect and specifications consultant. She is also an AIA member, a CSI member, a LEED accredited professional, NCARB-certified and an affiliate member of SCIP (Specifications Consultants in Independent Practice).  Find Liz O'Sullivan online at www.lizosullivanarch.com or on Twitter at @LizOSullivanAIA.

3.  JOHN GUILL - Specifier, architect, educator and principal of one of California's largest specification and technical consulting firms, John Guill has received numerous awards for architecture, building specifications and industry education.  If you received the November '12 issue of Construction Specifier, you probably noticed Guill's photograph on page 100 alongside other recently named CSI fellows. We're huge fans of John Guill's tweets and encourage you to follow him on Twitter at @specmonkeynorth.  You can also read more about John Guill and his company via his website at www.dtrcs.com

4.  DAVID STUTZMAN - David Stutzman is an architect, blogger and CSI certified construction specifier.  Stutzman wears many hats in leadership as both the President of CSI's Philadelphia Chapter and the President Elect at The Specification Consultants in Independent Practice.  Stutzman is also the owner and founder of Tuckahoe, New Jersey's Conspectus, Inc., the largest independent specifications and quality assurance consulting firm in the U.S.  Conspectus produces preliminary project descriptions, construction specifications and quality assurance reviews for hundreds of projects each year.  We've learned a lot about the inner workings of spec writing by following David and encourage you to do the same.  Visit him him on Twitter at @dstutzman or check out his website www.conspectusinc.com

5.  WILLIAM J. MARTIN -  Westwood, New Jersey-based William J. Martin, a Carnegie-Mellon University and Pratt Institute alum, sees the bigger picture when it comes to architectural design. Beyond his noteworthy achievements as an award-winning residential and commercial architect, we were just as impressed to learn that Martin has been involved in projects that connect him to the community in a big way. In 2008, he designed a new, LEED Platinum home for Iraq war veteran Cpl. Gonzalez of Hillsdale, NJ, which was specially adapted for the Cpl.'s needs as a quadriplegic.  This project was orchestrated by Homes for Our Troops, a non-partisan, non-profit organization that provides homes for severely injured service members.  Read about this incredible story on Martin's website at www.wjmarchitect.com or follow him on Twitter at @WJMArchitect

Visit any of the links listed in the post above to learn more about our featured architects, or visit the American Institute of Architects (AIA) online at www.aia.org

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