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Monday, January 14, 2013

VIDEO: What Forcible Entry Looks Like (& How to Prevent It)

In the following YouTube clip, you'll see a real, forced-entry burglary at a residence in Raleigh, NC.  (Arrests were made in connection with the burglary in early January 2013.)

You'll notice that the burglars' point-of-entry was the back door.  A security screen door featuring 2, 18-gauge, sheet-steel, quarter kick panels with heavy duty locking hardware, likely would have prevented this burglary from occurring.  

For added glass protection around the home, security screens could have been installed over the existing windows to prevent further forced entry attempts with objects such as baseball bats, rocks or crowbars.

Kane's Narrowline Security Screen Door with Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Infill
and Sheet Steel Kick Panels are Strong Enough to Withstand Repeated Blows

Security screens and security doors deter break-ins and offer top-notch protection for both commercial and residential properties.   Learn more about them both HERE.

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