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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

5 Signs You Might Need a New Perimeter or Pool Fence

Not only does a broken fence look unsightly, it poses significant dangers.
Spring is just around the corner...  and that means it's time to start thinking about all of your warm-weather repairs.

Whether you have a pool fence - or any type of fenced-in area on your property, for that matter - it's always a good idea to assess the condition of your fencing system sooner, rather than later.

Below are a few flaws to look for on your existing system.  These flaws also double as warning signs that there could be a fence replacement in your future.

Once an ornate, iron fence has started to rust, it is best to have it replaced,
as professional repairs are both involved and costly
1.  RUST / CORROSION:  Touch-up paint might work in the short term, but once rust has begun, it's only a matter of time before it takes hold, disintegrating the railing structure piece-by-piece.

2.  CHIPPING PAINT:  Not only is chipping paint an eyesore, it leaves the metal underneath exposed to the elements making it vulnerable to rust and corrosion.

3.  DISCOLORATION/CHALKING (VINYL FENCE):  Typically, on white vinyl fences, "chalking" isn't as visibly noticeable.  However, if your fence is a shade of taupe or hunter green, chalk-like discolorations will most certainly stand out as the vinyl begins to wear down.

4.  ROTTING (WOOD FENCE):  Over time, even treated wood fences will eventually crack and peel apart.  A good way to test for wood rot?  Tap the wood with a dull knife.  If it's soft or it crumbles, rot is most likely the culprit.

5.  DAMAGED / BROKEN PANELS OR COMPONENTS:  Beyond being downright dangerous to anyone in or around your property, broken fence panels or components allow easy access points for uninvited guests.  Whether the trespasser is a burglar or a small child - if a person becomes seriously injured or drowns due to a faulty gate lock or missing fence panel - you will be held liable.

A corrosion-resistant aluminum fencing system with a powder coat paint finish
adds beauty and value to your home or business.

For more information on aluminum fencing for residential applications, CLICK HERE.


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