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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Architectural Railing Applications (PART 4)

Handrails and wall rails installed near a pool area at an apartment
complex in Washington, DC.

The fourth and final post in this series offers general information regarding handrails and deck railings.

To view this series from the beginning, visit the previous three posts Architectural Railing Applications (PART 1)Architectural Railing Applications (PART 2) and Architectural Railing Applications (PART 3). 

  • Handrail  - Handrails are typically one-line pipe rails which run down ramps or the center of a stairwell.  Wall rails, a type of handrail, are installed on the opposite side of the staircase when necessary, to provide a safe walk way for individuals climbing or descending the stairs. 
  • Deck Railings - Deck railings offer fall protection around patios and other open, elevated areas.  Deck railing can also serve as a divider to section off various sections of a courtyard or square.

Whichever architectural railing manufacturer you choose, be sure they have the capability to fabricate any code-compliant rail that you specify.  From shopping malls, high rise hotels and luxury casinos, to low rise garden apartments, transit stations and pedestrian bridges, a reputable manufacturer should be able to achieve just about any architectural concept imaginable, no matter how custom or complex the design.

To learn more about handrail, deck railings or any other type of architectural railings, 

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