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Friday, November 30, 2012

Architectural Railing Applications (PART 2)

Sterling Dula shopping mall railing

In part two of our Architectural Railing Applications series, we'll discuss commercial building railings, industrial railings and shopping mall railings.

To view this series from the beginning, please refer to the previous post, Architectural Railing Applications (PART 1)

  • Commercial Building Railings -  Railings for commercial projects include everything from balcony railings on high rise hotels and condominiums, to staircase railings in educational facilities, pipe railings around wastewater treatment facilities and so much more.  As with all architectural railings, railings for commercial applications should be designed to meet all building codes and loading requirements.
  • Industrial Railings - Industrial railings are engineered to withstand wear and tear in manufacturing environments.  Whether the building is an assembly plant or wastewater treatment facility, industrial railings should always provide a secure guardrail that meets OSHA guidelines.  Although pipe rail is the preferred type of architectural railing for this particular application, virtually any type will meet the needs of the job, whether the connections are mechanically fastened or welded.
  • Shopping Mall Railings - When it comes to choosing a railing system for your shopping mall project, many architectural railing manufacturers offer a variety of attractive, safe solutions.  A popular choice is either glass railing, or railing with decorative waterjet-cut infill panels.   These types of railings provide the peace of mind of a sturdy, functional guardrail, while adding beauty and style to the existing design. 

For more information on commercial, industrial and shopping mall railings, CLICK HERE.

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