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Friday, May 31, 2013

5 Tips from NOAA on How to Prepare for the 2013 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season officially kicks off tomorrow.  To help raise awareness, NOAA's National Hurricane Center has put together a short list of tips on how to prepare for - and survive - the 2013 hurricane season.

1. Know the difference between hurricane and tropical storm “watches” and “warnings.” Areas reported to be on hurricane watch is a warning for residents to be on alert of a potential storm. Areas that are reported to have a storm warning, are required to take immediate actions against safeguarding life.

2. Keep emergency contact information handyPhone numbers for local emergency management officers, local law enforcement, hospitals, utility service providers and insurance information is recommended to be kept nearby during storms.
3. Pack emergency kits ahead of time. Packing essential items such as bottled water, snacks and canned foods are useful and at times, life-saving after storms frequently cause homes to lose gas and electricity. Items such as batteries for hand radios and flashlights are also helpful and difficult to find following hurricanes and tropical storms.
4. Prepare an emergency evacuation plan. Create a plan regarding where you can stay and temporary housing locations for your animals prior to a storm warning. In the event of an evacuation, follow FEMA’s Evacuation guidelines.
5. Stay alert in case of other natural disasters. While many believe the passing of the hurricane eye is the end of a storm, NOAA warns that tornadoes, high winds, and the possibility of a hurricane changing its course makes it important to remain alert following a storm.

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