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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Criminal Justice Equipment: Holding Cells 101

Not to be confused with prison cells, which are designed to house inmates for the long-term, holding cells are most often used for temporary confinement.

Typically found in courthouses, police stations and military bases, inmates awaiting trial are placed in holding cells for a very short period of time, such as overnight or for a single day.

These types of cells are fabricated from light gauge materials and therefore, are not suited for a 24/7 permanent residence by a detainee.

Although modern holding cells have many standard traits, a number of detention equipment manufacturers offer a number of add-on features from which to choose.

For example, a holding cell by Kane Detention, consists of a patented, woven rod cell front with fixed panels and a hinged door, solid wall panels and solid ceiling panels.  Customers also have the option to add wall or ceiling panels with special infill included to buffer sound.  Kane's cells are especially unique in that they can be easily set up and torn down to mobilize to another location, and can be constructed without field cutting or welding.

Furniture and other detention equipment can be fully integrated into the holding cell design, even if the unit is pre-fabricated.   From toilets, sinks and modesty panels, to steel benches and security lights, there is an array of additional equipment to consider when specifying these temporary areas of confinement.

Some detention equipment manufacturers might offer optional cell fronts with maximum security locks and/or hardware in addition to swing or sliding door systems.  Always be sure to ask your detention  equipment representative about these and other security door options.

For more information on detention equipment or holding cells, CLICK HERE.

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