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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Bloomframe Balcony

The Bloomframe Balcony by Hurks Geveltechniek
Have you been introduced to the Bloomframe balcony?

Engineered by Dutch manufacturer, Hurks Geveltechniek and created by Amsterdam-based Hofman Dujardin Architects, the Bloomframe adds much needed space to residential high-rise units.  Touted as "safe and affordable", the Bloomframe balcony is made of steel, glass and aluminum and can be customized to blend with existing building colors. This retractable balcony is currently available for use in The Netherlands.

When we saw this photo of the Bloomframe balcony, we decided to ask some product designers what they thought of this unique creation.  Here's what they had to say*:

"Great idea in theory. The clean lines and 'wow'-factor are definitely selling points. Although, I wonder if it's more costly than a standard balcony (including all structural components, guardrail and doors).  Seems inconvenient to have to move your furniture every time you want to sit outside."  -D.S.

"A product like this would probably have to be fabricated by a window company and not a railing manufacturer." D.S.

"Very innovative and unique design.  I'm curious as to where the access panel is located for the electrical components.  That would be good to know in case of a mechanical failure." - M.M.

"You wouldn't catch me out there - not with a glass floor, anyway! I also noticed that it has a motor.  Imagine if the motor failed while it was in the down position. Then you're without a window - and have to worry about insects and birds, too."  - D.W.

"I know I certainly wouldn't be brave enough to stand on a glass-bottom balcony... but if I were, I would insist on long pants as a clothing requirement for myself and others." - L.F.

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