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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Great Websites For Building Information Modeling News, Tips & Solutions (PART 2 of 2)

Image Courtesy of BluEnt
Welcome to the second half our two-part Architectural Products Blog series.  To view part one, please visit our previous post, 10 Great Websites for Building Information Modeling News, Tips & Solutions (PART 1 of 2)

Browse the links below for 5 more helpful and informative BIM websites:

(NOTE:  All website summaries come directly from the websites themselves.)

6.  Scoop It (curated by Oscar Lopez) 
Website Summary:  "Everything About Building Information Modeling"

7.  Revit Op-Ed 
Website Summary:  "Steve Stafford's Blog - Revit OpEd (Opinion Editorial) - My View of All Things Revit"

8.  Building Smart Alliance 
Website Summary:  "The Alliance is a public/private initiative that operates within the independent nonprofit National Institute of Building Sciences. bSa promotes the use of Building Information Models (BIMs), the digital tools that are increasingly helping building industry stakeholders to share highly accurate information throughout a facility or project's life cycle."

9.  FFP - Form Follows Performance - BIM http://www.formfollowsperformance.com/category/bim/
Website Summary:  "We believe that in sustainable design the really significant decisions happen in the early stages. Hence the focus of this blog is on green building design tools for architects and planners that are easy to learn and apply."

10.  GSA - Government Service Agency - 3D 4D Building Information Modeling
Website Summary:  "The PBS CAD Standards set mandatory procedures for architects/ engineers (A/E's) to follow for the creation and delivery of all CAD drawings to GSA.  It is important to note that the Standards require that A/E's must use the United States National CAD Standard® (NCS)."

To download BIM files for security window screens, detention products or living wall systems,  CLICK HERE. 

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