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Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Easy Building Green: 3 Essential, Enviro-Conscious Architecture & Design Websites

If you're involved in the architectural or construction industry in any capacity, you're already aware of how important it is to your customers - and to your community - to build green.

Below are 3 environmentally conscious websites and blogs to watch and learn from - each as informative and awe-inspiring as the next.


Inhabitat is one of the web's most popular resources for all things green. From architecture and interiors, to products, energy, art and more, this blog is devoted to reporting on the practices and materials that push us towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

Why we like it:  The editors at Inhabitat always manage to find and feature the most unique and cutting-edge building designs, projects and products.  Click Here to go directly to Inhabitat's architecture page and see for yourself.

Treehugger is a one-stop-shop for green news, solutions and product information.  Their writers and editors contribute content from all over the world in categories such as business, living, transportation, design and more.  Treehugger is owned jointly by Discovery Communications and the Mother Nature Network.

Why we like it:  Two words - Lloyd Alter.  Lloyd is the editor of Treehugger's design section and provides content regarding urban planning, architecture, land use and more.  Visit the design area of Treehugger and check out some of Lloyd's compelling articles on design and sustainability: http://www.treehugger.com/design/.

Greener Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh's green business hub and online community.  Greener Pittsburgh raises awareness of sustainability practices, while connecting people with greener companies and organizations.  Prior to Greener Pittsburgh's launch in 2011, Western Pennsylvania was without a central source to easily locate reliable information on green products and services.

Why we like it:  We like to think of Pittsburgh as our neighbor to the south, so we were overjoyed to learn of Greener Pittsburgh's official launch 2 years ago. Greener Pittsburgh stresses the fact that "going green is no longer a trend, but an important part of operating a business or making buying decisions."  We couldn't agree more!

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