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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Made in the USA: 4 Benefits of American-Made Architectural Products

For US citizens, purchasing American-made products is beneficial for a number of reasons.

In keeping with the patriotic spirit of this election week, here are some reminders as to why USA-made goods - both architectural and otherwise - are a smart choice:

1.  AMERICAN ECONOMY - When you buy American, you support the economy by keeping the money in America.  The profit from a product that was fabricated domestically goes to those who created it.  These working Americans then spend that income on goods that are (ideally) American-made.  The cycle continues, thereby stimulating economic growth.

2.  HIGHER PRODUCT STANDARDS - Many foreign product standards are inferior to those in the United States.  When you purchase American-made goods, you can be confident that safety standards and customer protection laws are set firmly in place to protect you and your family.

3.  AMERICAN JOBS -  For every manufacturing job, there are 5 additional jobs created.  When you purchase American-made products, you create new jobs in America.  

4.  ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY -  Unfortunately, not everyone is concerned about the planet.  A great portion of manufacturing facilities overseas have few regulations to protect the environment.  This makes for unnecessary pollution of soil, air and water.  What's more, a large amount of energy and fuel is used when products are shipped from overseas.

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