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Friday, November 2, 2012

Higher Ed Window Safety Series (PART 3): Benefits of Security Screens

Protector Security Screen
Schreyer Honors College 
In part 3 of this window safety series, you'll learn how...

  • ...security screens can protect windows even when window air conditioner units are in use. 
  • ...security screens on high rise residence halls can be be safer for students. 
  • ...natural light filtrates through properly made security screens, with help from the right type of infill.

To view this series from the beginning, please refer to Higher Ed Window Safety Series (PART 1): Benefits of Security Screens and Higher Ed Window Safety Series (PART 2): Benefits of Security Screens

7.  Security Screens Offer Secure Windows on High-Rise Residence Halls 
Kane Screens on PSU campus
Protecting students in high-rise residence halls has become a major concern on many college campuses. Full, fixed frame security screens are a great way to secure windows so that students are unable to drop/throw debris or even climb from one room to the other. Stainless steel wire cloth infill eliminates the need to replace insect screens. (NOTE:  On some campuses, the replacement of standard insect screens may cost upwards of $30,000 per year.)

Another sensible option for a high-rise residence hall is a fixed half screen.  This screen can be placed over the operable portion of a double hung window or slider type window. The window can still be operated to allow ventilation, while keeping the students secure. Learn more about these and other types of security screens by clicking HERE.

8.  Security Screens Accommodate Window Air Conditioners 
Some schools’ faculty housing, administrative facilities or off-campus apartments utilize window mounted air conditioners temporarily in the warmer months. For these applications, consider screens with “split” operating frames that are able to be folded out of the way when air conditioners are in use, then returned to their normal position(s) when air conditioners are removed. This solves the problem of storage and/or lost or damaged screens.  There's also the option of fixed air conditioner screens/boxes, which surround the entire air conditioner window unit and remain there year-round.

9.  Security Screens Let Light In 
Fixed air conditioner cover screens
Many facilities are concerned about losing natural light with the use of window security barriers. Contrary to popular belief, interior rooms do remain bright and cheerful when screens with perforated panel or wire mesh infill are used. In fact, this type of infill lets in as much light as normal insect screening. Perforated panel, for example, works extremely well visually, so there is no "closed-in" or institutional feeling. Remember, whichever infill you choose, standard black always works best, as it forces the eye to focus on the exterior, not the screen itself

To learn more about security window screens for college and universities, CLICK HERE

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