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Thursday, November 15, 2012

FAQ: All About Exterior Sunshades

Sterling Dula sunshades adorn a new apartment complex
in Washington, DC

Exterior sunshades not only look great, they serve many important functions, too.

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1.  Where are sunshades used? 
Sunshades are most commonly used above doors and windows on the exterior of commercial building applications.

2.  What is the purpose of a sunshade?
Sunshades protect the building from direct sunlight, while still allowing varying amounts of light to pass through to the window opening(s).  Many building owners choose sunshades to add an eye-catching, distinctive look to their property.

3.  Are sunshades cost effective?
Sunshades reduce or eliminate the need for curtains and/or blinds, while completely eradicating the type of costly maintenance that goes along with these window coverings. What's more, most aluminum sunshades offer powder coat finishes that last for many years. 

4.  What materials do sunshades come in?
Sunshades come in a variety of materials such as stainless steel and aluminum.  Aluminum is the lighter of the two, thereby needing less structural support and increasing the versatility of the design.  

5.  Are sunshades environmentally friendly?
Since sunshades block much of the direct sunlight, they reduce cooling costs, which in turn saves energy.  Aluminum sunshades are also made from recycled material. 

6.  What is the greatest challenge in sunshade installation?
Mounting conditions of sunshades should always be considered regardless of what type of metal is used, especially when it will be attaching to an exterior finish that isn't as structurally sound as brick and mortar.  For example, mounting a sunshade to a material such as synthetic stucco, will most likely require a pipe sleeve in order to anchor it securely and safely to the building.

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