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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Security Screens: Vandalism Protection for Windows

Storefront window with obvious signs of vandalism

Bare window panes alone are no match for heavy, thrown objects.

When faced with repeated blows from rocks, bricks and bottles, typical window glass doesn't stand a chance against this type of destructive vandalism.

If your storefront or home is located on the first story or street level of a building, consider the benefits of window security screens for the protection of your property - as well as the people inside. 

Bars are a less desirable option
While window security bars are also a common option, their unsightly appearance and heavy feel make it a less desirable choice.  Alternatively, security window screens offer a narrower sightline (thanks to wire mesh infill) which allows the screen to blend flawlessly with the building facade.  In fact, from even a short distance away, well-engineered window security screens look identical to a typical household mesh screens. The major difference?  Security screens are much, much stronger.

Screen frames are available in a variety of materials such as aluminum, galvanealed, stainless steel and steel.  You'll also have a choice of gauge sizes for wire mesh or perforated plate infill. 

Security screens come in a variety of levels to meet your window security requirements.  To learn more about these levels, CLICK HERE

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