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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Higher Ed Window Safety Series (PART 1): Benefits of Security Screens

Top-hinged protector security screens on McKee Hall
at Penn State Main Campus
For colleges and universities, campus security is a serious concern.  Over the years, most schools have evolved their security plan(s) to include perimeter fencing, guarded entrances, outdoor lighting, emergency call boxes magnetic card readers and expanded police patrols, in addition to the installation of security screens on residence hall windows.

In this three-part blog series, we'll discuss the nine ways security screens prevent criminal activity at higher education facilities, while saving the institution valuable time and money in replacement screens:

1.  Security Screens Eliminate Non-Student Access to Residence Hall Rooms
Controlling access through windows is the primary function of security barriers and screens.  Security screen requirements differ from level to level, with the screen's strength determined by its frame, hardware and infill.  Note that the degree of access to university facilities by non-students will often depend on the location of the university and the type of security measures that have already been put in place. 
Security screens protect non-students and intruders from
entering ground floor windows
2.  Security Screens Control Student Access Through Residence Hall Windows
Even the best-laid plans can be compromised if students leave doors, security barriers or windows open and unlocked. Security screens installed over residence hall windows are a smart solution to this problem.

3.  Security Screens Reduce Window Breakage
Window breakage can become a maintenance headache, whether the cause is horseplay, sports activities, or vandalism. An added benefit of installing security screens is the elimination of broken windows when they are installed at least 1 1/2 inches from the glass.

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