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Thursday, October 25, 2012

4 Advantages of Waterjet Cutting Aluminum

The idea that dense, heavy materials such as aluminum, granite, marble and stainless steel could be cut or engraved using only water pressure, is a relatively foreign concept to the layperson.  However, a variety of business owners - from machine shop managers to engraving professionals - have already learned that utilizing the versatility of a waterjet cutting machine for their custom projects, saves both time and money.
Aluminum Balcony Railing - Sterling Dula
An aluminum balcony railing with custom waterjet cut infill
The same can be said for manufacturers who fabricate metal building products.  Aluminum railing manufacturers, for example, find waterjet cutting machines to be extremely beneficial when filling customer requests for ornate infill panels.

Here are some advantages of cutting aluminum with a waterjet system:

1.  BETTER USE OF MATERIAL - Due to the nesting and common line cutting capabilities available within most waterjet computer systems, more of your aluminum sheet is used during the cutting process.  This efficient cutting method means less waste per sheet and better conservation of your aluminum inventory.
Ornate infill railing panel cut using a waterjet system

2.  CLEAN EDGES - With a waterjet cutting machine, you'll get precision finishing thanks to cutting pressures that peak around 60,000 psi.*

3.  STEADY TEMP - No heat is generated with a waterjet cutting machine, so it will not change the properties of the metal.

4.  VERSATILITY / ACCURACY - Waterjet machines are able to cut virtually any material with incredible accuracy.  What's more, the sky is the limit with the designs you can create - from simple block lettering to intricate filigree patterns.

*Cutting pressure depends on the make and model of machine.  Speak with your waterjet operator for more information.

A company logo cut with a waterjet,
then finished with powder coat paint

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